Main Lending Department

The main lending department is intended for readers over the age of 15. It is divided into free choice of belles-lettres – the books are arranged in the alphabetical order of the authors’ names; educational literature – the books are arranged according to the subject; the study hall – books are loaned for reading in the reading room. The precondition for making use of the services is the reader’s registration and payment of the annual fee.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
Day of Week Opening Hours
monday – friday 9am – 6pm
saturday 9am – 11am

Opening Hours during Vacation

Opening Hours during Vacation
Day of Week Opening Hours
monday 9am – 2pm
tuesday, friday 9am – 6pm
wednesday, thursday 9am – 2pm
saturday closed

Services Provided:

Lending of books and magazines – the lending period is 1 month: it is necessary to return the books or prolong the loan within that time limit. Prolongation can also be done by phone or e-mail. The maximum period of loan (including prolongations) of a book is 3 months.

Possibility of studying in the study hall and the reading room – a place to study, to read daily press, magazines etc.

Professional assistance in selecting belles-lettres and educational literature – the card catalogues (of authors, of names of the books), on-line catalogues in the lending department and the catalogue on the Internet serve as tools for document searching. The person on duty at the lending counter shall also lend you his/her helping hand willingly.

Reservation of books which you wish and which are out for the moment – if you are interested in a book which is out, you can reserve it with the person on duty. When the book is back, we shall send you a notice by mail. You can also reserve the book through the Internet. When you find out in the catalogue that the book is out, you can reserve it right from the catalogue pages. The fee of CZK 10.- is paid for the reservation.

Answering questions of factual and bibliographic nature

Interlibrary Lending – if you need a document (book, article) which is not in our Library’s book stock, we shall obtain it for you from another library. You can use our Interlibrary Lending Form to order this service. We bill CZK 40.- for postage.

Organizing lectures, talks and other events for the public

Library-information lessons for secondary school students

Antiquarian sale of discarded books – CZK 1.- per one book, discarded magazines free of charge.

Copying – according to the price list

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